PSI instruments.
High pressure homogenizers.

PSI instruments are leading edge homogenizers, from laboratory to industrial scale, that mix technology and ergonomics. They are suitable for every industry, including the most demanding pharmaceutical, biochemical and food processing environments.

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2019 edition

Guaranteed scalability

Each process developed on PSI systems is easily scalable up to the largest batch size without compromising on product quality.


Compact size

State of the art engineering made it possible to combine power and comfort into a compact footprint, for maximum flexibility.


Lowest noise

No compromise on components and accurate design makes our instruments the quietest in their class.


Highest shear

Fixed geometry in pure diamond to deliver the highest energy and the maximum robustness and reliability.


High throughput

High efficiency and fully digital controlled components to optimize process productivity, with the widest range in the market.


The perfect R&D unit.

Every unit comes with a comprehensive standard equipment, including an electropolished shell-tube heat exchanger, an intuitive user interface and built-in data acquisition capabilities, but there are many accessories and options to make the PSI-20 the perfect fit for your needs, like GMP compliant record handling, remote control, NIST traceable temperature and pressure sensors. Everything at your fingertip.

up to 20 L/h and 2000 bar



From the lab to production batches.

When your workload ranges from research to medium sized production batches, the PSI-40 is the best choice on the market. Thanks to its dual head design, it provides an improved flowrate of up to 60 L/h, with a nearly constant pressure profile. All in the same format of the PSI-20, with which it shares accessories, features and ease of use.

up to 60 L/h and 2000 bar


About us

When a team of engineers with over 20 years of experience get together to create something new, with passion for technology, painstaking care for details and design, a constant search of synthesis between functionality and beauty, the result is engineering as a form of art. That's what's behind PSI Instruments.